We craft unique, cleanly designed, meticulously engineered, top of the line buildings that match our clients lifestyles. Once we understand your construction goals we’ll create a building experience that helps to solve your problems and ensure that your building reaches beyond you to improve the lives of the folks within your community. You may only do this once! Let us be a part of your endeavor. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.



Clean, Unique, Custom

We don’t adhere to the same standards as the competition. One of the hallmarks of our team is that we are committed to constant design improvement. We obsess over every member, every connection plate, and every weld in your building so you don’t have to. You don’t see that effort…until you erect the building and then it ALL makes sense. ‘THIS is why I bought an Armstrong Building!’


Researching Your Goals

The design process starts with your Armstrong project manager. It begins, for us, when we understand your needs, and critically, your goals. Whether you provide a service, sell products, or just need a place to store your toys; knowing what you’re after is essential to creating your perfect building. Without a dedicated project manager to consider your needs after you lock in your steel price, your building won’t be solving the right problems.


It’s All About The Details

Armstrong Steel Buildings are fabricated in state of the art facilities. Our culture has embodied a sort of fanatical attention to detail. Most of our competitors are focused on making their product the cheapest. We think cutting corners to be the cheapest is misguided. A product should genuinely be better. This requires real discipline, and that’s what drives us – a sincere, genuine appetite to make something excellent.


Cheap Is Not Smart

Ignoring the many technological pre-engineered metal building design breakthroughs that have been made over just the past ten years would be a terrible mistake but those advances are what many online metal building marts are least concerned about. Decade old design techniques, dated manufacturing equipment, and old technologies are inherently cheaper. We hear so often from customers who thought, their first time around, that shopping for the “cheapest” was the smart buy, only to discover that it led to missing parts, holes not lining up; on site delays and blown budgets. Remember that piece of furniture you bought when you were a bachelor that came with crummy, hard to understand instructions, holes that didn’t line up and missing parts? It was cheap!

Cutting-Edge Design

Sloppy, out-of-date designs can leave you or your crew in a constant struggle on the job site and once that cut rate broker you selected drops off your building, they’ve done their job as far as they’re concerned. We’re different. We’re here for you all the way through the project, until the very last steel member is erected. Why? Because we design & engineer buildings that are based on the robustness of today’s most state of the art manufacturing equipment and erection techniques. We go the extra mile to make sure your drawings are easy to read (not hieroglyphics), your parts are all there – numbered to correspond with your blueprints – and everything lines up! Isn’t that what you should expect? Your Armstrong building will look great, go up quick, and meet your unique needs.

Project Management

Whenever you need to make changes to your building, the power is at your fingertips. After you’ve locked in your steel price, our project managers will analyze your needs to determine what designs work best for you. If you need more space than you initially expected, which is typical, there’s no problem with committing more steel to your project. However, cut rate brokers are just a website, a fax machine and a telephone. When you want to make a change on that cheap building you bought, they need to phone China to speak to your detailer. Are you really willing to risk your dreams getting lost in translation? Think of the internet as one big vegas strip. Plenty of distractions; bright lights, prices that are too good to be true and flashy gimmicks. You’re probably only going to do this once, right?

Follow Through

The New Currency

Helping is the new selling and customer service is the new currency. Our customers have problems they need solved. Interests they wish to share. Needs to be satisfied. Goals that can be pinpointed. We help them by providing solutions they appreciate and find to be relevant. Builders across the country already know that if you need space, you need Armstrong Steel. Our customers recognize and value the importance of quality, craftsmanship, service after the sale, and expert technical support.

Flawless Design Ain’t Easy

Sure, anybody can find a cheap building online and click ORDER NOW! That doesn’t mean everyone out there is dedicated to crafting the building you need or want. Sure, their website has great prices and plenty of relevant pictures. But you want a team that cares about this project as much as you do. A team that’s about more than pumping out cheap bids in an effort to “hit quota” and quick ship as many pounds of steel as possible…right?

You a Ford Truck Man?

We’re not pledging our allegiance to Ford or Chevy! In fact, our staff is pretty evenly split. But you get it, don’t you? We have always obsessed on quality and ease of construction – design it stronger, design it better, design it to be easier – all to enhance the on-site experience of our clients. We tailor your building to your needs. You didn’t choose the truck you bought because it was the cheapest. It took you time and you finally pulled the trigger because it fit your lifestyle perfectly, right?

And a few other things

Design Services

We’ve long provided a Steel Building Design Service for our clients, the Conceptual Graphic Rendering Package. These detailed packages are ideal for group presentations to your city, county, building department, municipality, church congregations and boards, investor groups, business partners, etc and they definitely speed up the fund raising process!

Project Managers

Armstrong Steel assigns a Project Manager [PM] to your steel building order. Your Project Manager [PM] is located at our corporate headquarters and comes at no additional cost to you. They stand ready to help you design and outfit your steel building. They can even work in conjunction with your General Contractor and/or Architect.

Value Engineering

We’re able to look at your plans, recommend adjustments based on construction cost reductions or we can design build your project to fit your ideas and needs. With our Design Build Services, the owner can expect a reduced steel building price due to the increased efficiency of the revised design.

Scheduling & Delivery

Most often, your steel building will arrive on the scheduled date between 8:00 A.M and 10:00 A.M. Unless you have made other arrangements in advance, it will be delivered by one or more trucks pulling 48-foot trailers. These vehicles must have safe access to and from your job site, so make sure the route is clear and can sustain heavy loads.

Concrete & Erection

Your specific erection manual will contain step by step instructions and diagrams, showing you or your Armstrong certified installer exactly what to do first, and how to proceed for easy assembly. The importance of accurate foundation design & construction including anchor bolt settings cannot be overemphasized! Certified Armstrong installers are familiar with our buildings and are highly recommended for this phase of your project. Contact your Armstrong Project Manager [PM] for details.


Armstrong Steel partners with national lending companies that specialize in different types of loans for the construction of steel buildings including church financing and leasing, school financing, commercial construction and signature loans. Each application is considered case-by-case which helps ensure that your project stays on-time and on-budget.