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A little guidance goes a long way. We're here to help you with everything from establishing a budget to arranging for delivery and installation of your building.


Armstrong's buying power is second to none. Our buying power allows you to take advantage of rebates and discounts not offered anywhere else.

In House Detailing & Engineering

Armstrong Steel has long been famous for detailing, engineering and delivering building solutions that drive business value and improve the lives of our customers. We're also well known for the energy we put into ensuring each customer's project goes smoothly.


For many industries, the buildings we supply are a lifeline. Whether building a facility right at your site or managing a building project from a distance, we want you to think of Armstrong Steel as a key part of your business. Our scope, knowledge and experience has enabled us to develop a deeper understanding of your particular needs.


It's not all about the lowest price! The consistency and quality of the building company you select is vitally important to your project. We strive to exceed international industry standards, provide superior service, and satisfy the most demanding requirements worldwide. Our buildings receive excellent reviews from do-it-yourselfers as well as erectors. The cheapest buildings are often the most expensive to put up!