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There comes a time when making the most of your land means making some significant modifications. Whether that means replacing older buildings or creating new ones, traditional construction methods may not offer the same cost savings and durability as your other options. When you’re looking to improve the value or practical applications of the components on your property, consider these benefits of steel buildings.

Steel Buildings are Ultra-Durable

Steel buildings are naturally resistant against many troubles that cost owners of typical structures time, money and major headaches. They’re designed to withstand earthquakes, high wind, and the loads placed on the building by crane usage. They are also resistant to fire. In addition, pests – such as termites – and mildew and rot won’t destroy your steel construction.

Steel Helps the Environment

Up to 50 trees are sacrificed per traditional wooden garage, barn or home built on your property. Choosing an Armstrong Steel Building is an environmentally-friendly option that prevents overuse of natural resources and boosts the American steel industry. Also, today’s steel building designs have strayed from the industrial look, and can be just as appealing as those built with wood or other materials.

Steel is Affordable

While buying materials for a steel structure may run similarly, or even more than, the costs of a comparable wooden structure; costs are lower in the long-run. Unlike wood that can be splintered or warped, the steel materials you buy will be solid and straight. Doorways and windows are pre-formed before purchase and can quickly and easily be slipped into place. Because of these two issues alone, construction and labor costs for steel buildings are less. After construction, the expenses for upkeep and insurance are less as well.

A Few Caveats

Steel buildings work perfectly when constructed the appropriate way. Skimping on materials will cost you in the long run through shoddy craftsmanship or holes not lining up on site, etc. You must work with an established and reliable company to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Using proper insulation techniques for a steel building is extremely important. Metal conducts heat much faster than wood. If you use the wrong contractor, you may wind up needing to install extra venting or cooling systems. Unfortunately, using the wrong company to construct a traditional building has its pitfalls too. Selecting an experienced, licensed and insured contractor will maximize the benefits you get from any new building. Armstrong Steel has an extensive dealer network to assist you in getting matched up with the right builder.

These three benefits of steel buildings cannot be realized when using concrete or wood for construction. Natural resistance to common problems such as mildew and pests, heavy winds and fire lead to lifelong savings. The environmentally-friendly choice of forgoing wood products also boosts local steel markets, and construction costs run lower than typical buildings as well. Before you make any lasting decisions about that classic car of yours, call Armstrong Steel. We can help.